2017 saw a proliferation of blockchain financings on Canadian exchanges and GMP Securities is at the forefront of the "Step Change" and the new business opportunities it promises.

The revolutionary distributed ledger technology that is Blockchain exploded in 2017 and so did the growth opportunities. The year was all about the firm’s ability to respond to these emerging opportunities.

By all accounts, it was a breakthrough year for blockchain financings, with the Canadian capital markets ecosystem and its rich history of supporting emerging small- to mid-cap companies playing a leading role. And, given GMP Securities’ dominant positioning in this segment of the domestic capital markets, it comes as no surprise that GMP Securities is leading much of this activity. Canada has been financing junior mining and energy companies for decades through junior capital pools, shells and reverse takeovers (RTOs), and we found that these structures provide an efficient means for companies in this new sector to access capital to help them compete globally.

In September 2017, GMP Securities launched a dedicated blockchain and cryptocurrencies practice to help corporate clients and investors capitalize on the transformative and disruptive potential of blockchain technology and the emerging digital currency space. In this short period of time, GMP Securities has rapidly established itself as one of the leading players in the finance world in matters relating to distributed ledger technology. The team is comprised of eight investment banking professionals and two research professionals and is focused on partnering with innovators in the blockchain space – entrepreneurs, technologists, financiers – who need help navigating the many tiers of the financial services ecosystem. The firm’s goal, as always, is to facilitate the flow of capital between investors seeking a fair return and entrepreneurs assessed by GMP Securities to have a high probability of producing that return. And, more recently, Brendan Wood awarded our blockchain/cryptocurrencies investment banking team with “Top Gun” distinction.

The real opportunity for our franchise is doing what we have always done best and that is identifying emerging trends in the small- to mid-cap space and partnering early with entrepreneurs to give them access to the capital they need to grow their business. GMP Securities is proud to help fund these visionaries and to continue playing a leading role in this latest technological revolution.