GMP FirstEnergy is extremely proud of its heritage as Canada’s leading independent investment dealer in the energy space.

GMP FirstEnergy has a well-earned reputation as a top and focused energy specialist. For nearly 25 years, GMP FirstEnergy has played an important role in the fabric and development of the Canadian energy culture.

Since 2010, GMP FirstEnergy has been recognized as the most active underwriter and advisor to the Canadian energy sector among all investment dealers. GMP FirstEnergy is also one of the most active traders of energy securities in the industry, encompassing both public and private securities.

As an energy specialist, GMP FirstEnergy provides deeper insights than most competitors and a keen ability to identify emerging trends and opportunities to help clients achieve their financial goals. Leveraging expert and industry recognized research; GMP FirstEnergy has a well-earned reputation for quality and efficient execution. The firm’s professionals have extensive backgrounds and expertise in global energy as well as some of the industry’s deepest energy buy-side relationships.