March 1995:  Griffiths McBurney & Partners ("GMP") was founded with the vision of creating an energetic, entrepreneurial and independent investment dealer focused on serving corporate clients and institutional investors. The firm finished sixth in market share on the Toronto Stock Exchange ("TSX") on its first day of operations.
December 2003:  GMP goes public in a $110,000,000 IPO (becoming GMP Capital Corp.); begins trading on the TSX under the ticker GMP.
March 2005:  GMP Private Client L.P. begins operations.
December 2005:  GMP Capital Corp. converts to an income trust (becoming GMP Capital Trust); trades on the TSX under the ticker GMP.UN.
July 2006:  GMP Capital Trust acquires EdgeStone Capital Partners, L.P.
December 2006:  GMP Securities Europe LLP ("GMP Europe") begins operations in London, England.
December 2007:  GMP Capital Trust launches GMP Investment Management L.P.
May 2009:  GMP Capital Trust converts to a Corporation (becoming GMP Capital Inc.); trades on the TSX under the ticker GMP.
November 2009:  The wealth management businesses of GMP Private Client L.P. and Richardson Partners Financial Limited were combined to create Richardson GMP, a pre-eminent, independent wealth management firm in Canada.
February 2011:  GMP closed a $100 million preferred share offering of 4,000,000 Cumulative 5-year Rate Reset Preferred Shares, Series B of GMP, at a purchase price of $25.00 per Series B Share. The shares commenced trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange on February 22, 2011, under the trading symbol “GMP.PR.B.”
June 2011:  GMP Australia Pty Limited (“GMP Australia”) begins operations in Perth and Sydney Australia.
Sept 2011:  GMP Capital Inc. acquires, Miller Tabak Roberts Securities LLC, a niche fixed income boutique in New York specializing in institutional sales, secondary trading and research. In January 2012, Miller Tabak Roberts Securities, LLC was renamed GMP Securities, LLC.
January 2013:  Richardson GMP’s shareholders collectively negotiated changes to the shareholder liquidity event, moving from a calendar-driven to a consensus-driven liquidity process.
January 2013:  Completed comprehensive review of operations, which led to significant and sustainable fixed cost savings, an optimization of our businesses as well as a rationalization of our real estate footprint.
April 2013:  Completed the sale of the majority of GMP IM’s assets under management to Fiera Capital Corporation.

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