Share Ownership Culture

GMP Capital Inc. understands the fundamental need to align management’s conduct with the interests of external shareholders.  We believe strongly that this alignment of executive behaviour is best accomplished when management and employees have substantial ownership in the company.  We are extremely proud of our strong culture of ownership, which not only rewards value-creating decisions that result in long-term sustainable performance, but also serves to limit inappropriate or excessive risk-taking by senior management. We have established common share-based programs that enable meaningful ownership in GMP Capital Inc. These programs, which are subject to forfeiture provisions, provide financial rewards to executives dependent upon the value of GMP Capital Inc.’s common shares (Common Shares) during the life of the award.  The number of Common Shares awarded is not formulaic and is determined through a subjective process designed to encourage long-term retention.

Significant ownership is a key factor to ensuring that our personnel are highly engaged in the firm's decision making process, resulting in a greater level of efficiency and resilience.  Above all, our firmly entrenched culture of ownership ensures we remain highly responsive to our clients’ needs.