Capital Markets  

A Dominant Independent in the Canadian Brokerage Space

GMP Securities is the brand for GMP’s Capital Markets business and is a leading provider of investment banking, including advisory and underwriting, research and sales and trading services, to the small- to mid-cap segments of the domestic capital markets. GMP FirstEnergy is the Calgary-headquartered energy business of GMP Securities.

Our skilled teams of professionals are highly conversant across the entire corporate finance spectrum and combine substantial product knowledge, deep industry expertise and extensive transactional experience to provide best- in-class advice and superior execution.

Focused on Small- to Mid-Cap Companies
Since inception in 1995, GMP’s sole focus has been on the small- to mid-cap segments of the capital markets. These continue to represent vital growth areas to the success of the Canadian economy. While these segments have been historically ignored by the large bank-owned dealers, it is in this arena that GMP Securities has forged a leadership position among Canadian investment banks. GMP Securities is proud of the deep relationships it has cultivated over the past 23 years, and its rich history in helping early-stage entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses.

Members of the Capital Markets Team:
(From left to right): Kyle Gould, Director, Investment Banking, Robyn Doritty, Director, Institutional Equity Sales, Steven Ottaway, Managing Director, Investment Banking, Sharon Aujla, Director, Human Resources and Compensation, Kenrick Sylvestre, Managing Director, Institutional Equity Sales, and Nicholas Johnson, Vice Chairman, Co-Head of Energy Investment Banking, Rob Weir, Vice Chairman, Head of Institutional Equity Sales, and Deborah Starkman, Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary, GMP.

The GMP Factor
As a fiercely independent and integrated franchise, the firm believes it is differentiated by superior execution, proven and substantial transactional expertise and the ability to efficiently coordinate across investment banking, sales and trading and research to deliver seamless and unbiased advice and product-agnostic solutions to clients. In today’s uncertain and challenging business environment, the role of the independent player, unencumbered by the potential conflicts of interests inherent in large bank-owned firms, has never been more critical if we are to continue seeing the flow of capital to the small- to mid-cap segments.

Investment Banking
The firm’s investment banking professionals aspire to be the leading, trusted advisor and financier to its core clients across their entire business lifecycle. Clients rely on us for our deep industry expertise, broad M&A experience, comprehensive capital raising services and superior execution. Employing a disciplined approach to client solutions, experienced industry professionals are committed to working closely with clients to identify the best financing and strategic solutions to meet their needs. The complete and extensive resources of the firm are dedicated to helping its professionals deliver on that promise. Clients also benefit from compelling and proven after-market liquidity and trading support facilitated through highly effective and a skilled sales and trading team and focused research. GMP Securities is consistently recognized as a leader in the origination, distribution and trading of equity and equity-related securities.

In its underwriting business, GMP’s highly skilled and sector-focused investment bankers deliver superior transaction execution across a variety of equity and debt securities, including public and private capital markets transactions.

The team has extensive experience and a successful track record of raising capital for its corporate clients. The firm’s solid capital base serves to facilitate the execution of both large and small transactions while unparalleled institutional market and trade flow intelligence are central to the firm’s ability to be a meaningful industry player in executing bought deal financings. In 2017, GMP Securities participated in 208 equity and debt underwriting transactions completed in Canada with an aggregate value of $29.2 billion.

GMP Securities has a well-earned reputation as a leading M&A franchise across the full spectrum of strategic financial and advisory services. Its M&A professionals are industry specialists focused on developing a deep understanding of its clients’ businesses while meeting the highest standards of integrity. M&A experts deliver powerful insight across the firm’s core industry sectors and extensive transactional expertise.

Sales and Trading
GMP Securities is a leading client-focused sales and trading platform committed to delivering unparalleled market intelligence in the small- to mid-cap segments and trading support before, during and after a successful transaction. The firm engages largely in agency-only transactions which ensure that its recommendations are always based on unbiased advice and free of potential conflict. The firm’s sales and trading professionals strive to dominate the trading of securities in each of its core franchise names. GMP FirstEnergy is recognized as one of the most active traders of energy securities in the industry, encompassing both public and private securities globally. Clients regularly turn to GMP Securities for deep liquidity and a proven ability to execute transactions throughout the market cycle. GMP Securities has forged a leadership position in both equity and debt capital markets precisely because it delivers superior execution, timely market insights and exceptional client service. Collaborating closely with a top-calibre team of investment banking professionals, the firm’s sales and trading professionals provide clients with immediate access to quality independent research and a formidable institutional and retail networks for new product distribution that are based on long-standing and extensive industry relationships.

GMP FirstEnergy

GMP FirstEnergy is exclusively dedicated to the energy sector providing its clients with unparalleled energy knowledge and a quarter century of transactional expertise. Focused energy expertise gives GMP FirstEnergy deeper insights than most competitors and a keen ability to identify emerging trends and opportunities. Leveraging expert, up-to-the-minute analysis, GMP FirstEnergy has a well-earned reputation for quality and efficient execution that is tailored to its clients’ interests. GMP FirstEnergy’s energy expertise and extensive coverage provide clients with deep industry knowledge and market intelligence on hundreds of energy companies in various stages of development worldwide. Through its London office, GMP FirstEnergy is also a prominent energy player in equity financings, M&A and A&D mandates throughout Europe, Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Australia and the Middle East.


GMP Securities is committed to fundamental research. Our research teams are well recognized for providing prescient opinions and differentiated ideas that enable clients to make informed investment decisions. Experienced professionals provide research coverage on hundreds of companies spanning a wide variety of industry sectors. In particular, the firm’s mining and energy research analysts are among the most widely recognized experts in the industry. In 2017, we significantly expanded our coverage of the emerging cannabis and block chain sectors, which proved to be important contributors to our 2017 financial results. Our innovative in-depth blockchain tutorial was presented in person to literally hundreds of North American institutional investors and helped brand the firm as a leader in this exciting new industry. The research teams work closely with the firm’s sales and trading professionals to translate their insights into actionable investment opportunities that offer the potential for superior, risk adjusted returns.