GMP Securities Announces Dedicated Blockchain Team

Toronto, September 27, 2017 - GMP Capital Inc. (GMP) (TSX: GMP) today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, GMP Securities L.P. (GMP Securities), launched a dedicated blockchain technology practice to help corporate clients and investors capitalize on the transformative and disruptive potential of the blockchain and the emerging digital currency space.  The new team will be comprised of investment banking and research professionals.  This expansion into the blockchain ecosystem is reflective of the firm’s longstanding commitment to the technology space and the belief this technology holds the potential to be a significant disrupter across multiple industries.

“GMP is ready for blockchain. You might even say we’ve been waiting for it,” said Harris Fricker, President and CEO, GMP.

 GMP Securities has been an innovator in the Canadian financial services space since inception in 1995. As a non-bank owned independent, it is recognized as one of the most creative providers of advice and capital raising services to the small- to mid-cap market in Canada. The Blockchain Team strives to position itself as a leader in this disruptive technology. 

Commenting further, Mr. Fricker said, “We have been on the front lines of technology-driven disintermediation – both as disrupter and disruptee. We don’t get paid to ‘touch’ transactions as they grind their way through the endless grid of intermediaries who have for centuries cornered the need to validate the system, its transactions and its participants. And we don’t maintain huge centralized client databases that cobble together systems and processes from different decades. There is no innovator’s dilemma at GMP. So to blockchain, with its revolutionary distributed ledger technology, we have but one thing to say: Welcome.”

GMP Securities is also pleased to announce that it will host the inaugural GMP Securities “Next in Technology” Conference December 7, 2017 in Toronto. The conference will focus on emerging blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and bring together key industry participants, including technology leaders, financiers and institutional investors, to discuss the most relevant issues facing the industry. Introducing GMP Securities’ Blockchain Practice The firm’s dedicated blockchain practice is an amalgam of thought leaders in the business. The Team believes the algorithm for wealth creation is rooted in disruption. Blockchain will be the ultimate disrupter. The Team aims to partner with innovators in the space to drive the adoption of blockchain and facilitate the flow of investment capital. With its evolving practice, the firm is ideally positioned to partner with technologists, entrepreneurs and financiers who need help navigating the many tiers of the financial services ecosystem. To learn more, please visit our corporate website at

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